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Massaging is a proven way of improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and enhancing recovery rate. For those of you who take regular exercises for getting or keeping fit, massaging would increase the output you receive from your efforts. And those of you, who rarely go for exercising, massaging would help you live longer and fitter. Professional athletes are known to get massages very often as their tough training requires all the benefits of massaging. However, hiring a masseur or going to the massage parlour every time you need it would be very expensive and time consuming. Further, because of your routine, you may need it at an odd hour of the day or night. Some people get up quite early and need a massage at that time. Then there are others who go to the gymnasium in the evening and need a massage after that. Finding somebody to serve you at these hours won't be easy. In these situations, a vibrating foam roller would do the job for you.

A vibrating foam roller has several benefits over a masseur. These benefits include not just of time, expenditure and convenience, but even of quality, effectiveness, flexibility and variety. Since a vibrating foam roller is just a small piece of equipment, it can be carried along in a backpack. You can keep it in the trunk of your car or store it safely in a drawer. When using it, you don't have to look for a source of electricity as it runs on battery. Since the batteries are rechargeable, you can have them charged at your convenience. You can take it outdoors as well. The intensity of massaging can be set according to your requirement. It comes with four levels of intensities and you can choose from them using a simple push button given on the side of the roller.

The roller can help you achieve a better posture by strengthening your core. There are certain strands of muscles which can be easily exercised with a roller than any other activity. If you want to get a well-toned body, a vibrating foam roller would be useful for you. You can use it to massage and exercise many parts of your body including, stomach, calves, spine, shoulders, and neck. It is suitable for use by a person of any age or gender. You can share it with your daughter, son, spouse, parents and even your friends.

Although the focus of this site is for female physique models of all types - from bodybuilders to fitness models - there will be information other models might find useful.

Topics covered will be advice that works in the real world to help you make money. Over time we'll bring in guest contributors, including models, to share their knowledge with the readers.

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